Perks Of Coffee

Coffee Grinder Machines – Burr Grinder and Blade Grinder

Coffee grinder machines have pride of place with anyone who is an avid coffee drinker and loves their brew.

Coffee GrinderWe all have a favorite type of coffee bean and flavor we prefer and can choose from.

All coffee beans are roasted to achieve their flavor with many different “roasts” available which vary from light to dark.

As the beans get darker in the roasting process, the more flavorful they become.

Roasted Beans Explained…

Lightly roasted beans are dry in appearance and have stronger caffeine levels, whereas, darker roasts develop an oily surface to the bean and the caffeine properties differ.

With darker roasts, the caffeine levels decrease – therefore you may prefer a lighter roast in the morning with its caffeine kick and then a darker one later in the day.

Once you have your favorite beans to hand –  you can make your coffee grinds!!

To release those aromas and flavors, you have to break the roasted coffee bean down to a powder. Grinding the whole bean just before brewing preserves the integrity of its qualities.

Air is the biggest destroyer of the coffee flavor. The longer the coffee grounds are exposed to the air, the more damage is done from oxidation.

Therefore the best option for a flavorful cuppa without losing any of the coffee attributes is to grind your beans efficiently in one of the coffee grinder machines available and brew immediately.

This ensures a rich, full-bodied cup of your favorite beverage.

Want to Know How To Grind Your Beans Perfectly?

Find out what coffee bean grinders are available that suit you and your family.

Types of Coffee Bean Grinder – What is right for you?

When it comes down to grinding the bean, you have a couple of options.
The old-fashioned traditional method with a manual coffee grinder or, alternatively, an electric grinding mill.

In both these categories, you will find the blade or chopper type and the burr grinder.

Choosing the coffee mill with the best method of grinding does depend on what type of coffee you like and what method you are using to brew.

Choose Your Coffee Grinder Machines

Blade Grinder – Economy Option

Blade GrinderThe blade grinder uses blades creating a chopping motion to break down the beans. The blades rotate at a high speed breaking down the bean, the longer you chop the finer the end product.

These devices tend to be cheaper than a burr grinder but they do have a downside.

The finished product of the grinding is not uniform with coffee grounds of varying sizes being produced.

The blade produces 3 ranges of grounds:

  • a chunky size
  • the size of ground you ultimately are looking for
  • and finally a fine dust.

This dust can clog up sieves in certain machines like the espresso and French presses. It is also difficult to get the same grind between batches, which can affect the consistency of the coffee strength and taste after brewing.

Burr Mill Grinder – Efficiency Personified

Burr GrinderA coffee burr grinder is a much more efficient way of grinding the bean and produces a uniform size of coffee ground.

These coffee grinder machines tend to be more expensive but are suitable for most coffee brewing methods.

These systems include drip, espresso, percolators and the famous French Press.

Ultimately, this is the most efficient of the coffee grinder machines, ensuring a consistent and even grind every time.

How Do Burr Coffee Grinders Work?

  • The grinder uses wheels or cone shaped grinders to crush the beans.
  • You can adjust the grind settings to achieve the ground size you require for the various brewing systems.

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