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Coffee Stirrers: Sticks or Spoons?

Coffee Stirrer Sticks

Do you want to find the best coffee stirrers, sticks or spoons? 

Are you wanting disposable or reusable?

Coffee sticks are found in many shapes and forms – generally they are more versatile than the normal teaspoon, which is short and stubby compared to these tall and sometimes elegant tools.

Why use short spoons and scald your fingertips when stirring that lovely tall hot cup of coffee that gets you through the day.

These stirrer sticks come in varying lengths and materials, but most have one thing in common.

They are longer than a conventional spoon.

The definition of a stirrer: a utensil with a long stem and usually a spoon end for mixing drinks.

So if you are a coffee addict and really enjoy a large cup of coffee but battle to stir the sugar at the bottom of your cup without burning or getting froth all over your fingers  – coffee stir sticks are the answer.

Buy Coffee Stirrers Sticks – Elegant and Functional Options

Coffee Stirrer

Reusable Coffee Stirrers

Get a coffee stirrer that can be used over and over again.

Reusable Coffee StirrersStirrers can be very functional in design but if you are looking for something that will impress, there are lots of attractive spoons with decorative features that are just as efficient but do not scrimp on functionality.

Bamboo and stainless steel stirrers are easy to clean and have the advantage of being reusable.

The advantage of stainless steel is that it does not affect the flavor of your drink – hot or cold – are extremely durable and corrosion resistant, including dishwasher safe.

They may be a little more expensive than their wooden and plastic counterparts –  but when buying for the home they will be worth the little bit extra and be much more pleasurable to use.

These options come in very decorative and stylish options that will serve you well for many years.

Avoid the harmful chemical, BPA, leaching from plastic disposable spoons and sticks into your hot drinks – and recycle.

Stir Sticks – Multifunctional Uses

These stirrers are multi-use too.

Coffee stirrers can be used as ice cream spoons, ice teaspoons and cocktail stirring spoons.

So, put those short, stubby teaspoons away and buy an elegant stirrer.

Plastic Coffee Stirrers

There are plenty of plastic designs

Most of the stirrers for coffee available on the market today are disposable.

Plastic is common place everywhere, particularly in the office and other work environments, as well as for people buying drinks on the go.

Environmental Note

When finished with your disposable stirrer stick – throw it in the trash!!

Stirrers For Coffee – Wooden Coffee Stirrers Are Another Option

Wooden Coffee StirrerWood coffee stirrers are by far the most common stir stick around.

The common stick is very plain and flat as well as being lightweight and biodegradable – a big benefit in my book!

Wooden stirrer spoons tend to be a little more classy and a more permanent feature than the sticks – which are sold in packs of hundreds solely for the purpose of being disposed of immediately after use.

The benefit of wood is that they do break down and are far less pollutant than the plastic variety.

The wooden stirrers also do not leach bad things into your hot drinks – so all round it is a versatile and cheap option – especially when needing bulk quantities for a function or regular daily requirements.

Coffee Stirrer Straws

A 2-in-1 mixer and drinker.

These are hollow just like a normal straw – the advantage of coffee stirrer straws is the added benefit of being able to use it in hot and cold drinks.

Coffee Stirrer StrawThere are some very fancy versions available.

 A metal filtered stainless steel straw for example.

These are made specifically to filter any sediment that may be in the beverage such as coffee grounds, infused cocktails with fruit, freshly squeezed fruit juice and loose tea leaves.


As well as being able to stir and drink your tall cocktails and beverages, you can filter any unwanted sediment out too!

Coffee Stirrers Dispensers

Coffee Stirrers DispensersThere are some stirrer dispensers that are purely for dispensing coffee stirrers – making it easy and simple to take the sticks neatly and without creating a mess.

The majority of dispensers cater for the whole tea and/or coffee process – space for sugar and milk sachets, providing a stirrer stick or straw compartment, serviettes compartment and some even providing a disposable cup dispenser.

A perfect coffee organiser for everything you need.

Most of these organisers are compact and easy to manage.

So what are you waiting for?

Buy your stirrers and coffee organisers right here.

Coffee Stirrers on Amazon

Buy coffee stirrer sticks that you can be proud of, something you can enjoy using and puts some pleasure into the art of making your favorite blend of coffee.

Alternatively, when function and price on a bulk scale is the order of the day, Amazon will provide what you need.

The following Amazon products will enhance your coffee time experience.

So go ahead and choose your ideal coffee stirrers right here.