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The Essential Guide To The Replacement Glass Coffee Carafe

A replacement glass coffee carafe is a heat resistant glass pitcher to serve coffee from. The styles vary from functional to decorative to suit your tastes.

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A glass coffee carafe is different from a normal water carafe.

Coffee CarafeTraditional glass carafes do not have a handle and are shaped like a vase narrowing at the top for easy handling.

These traditional carafes are used for water or wine at the dining table.

However, the glass carafe used for hot liquid requires a handle and are heat resistant.

Your carafe can be a purely functional design just to get the job done. Or your choice may have more decorative elements for an elegant look as a coffee server.

When using glass carafes to serve coffee – they ultimately need a heat source to keep the liquid hot for a period of time. Unlike thermal carafes for coffee which do not need an external source to keep their contents hot.

The Glass Coffee Carafe – Beauty and Functionality

A glass coffee carafe requires a handle as the glass will get too hot to hold with the freshly brewed coffee inside.

Glass Coffee Carafe With MeasurementsA carafe that comes standard with your coffee brewer will generally have measurements relating to cup size.

These will indicate the quantity of liquid to be brewed for the number of cups of coffee required. These measurements will be etched or marked on the side of the glass.

The number of scoops of coffee required relates to the amount of water used.

A coffee carafe will require a removable lid as the coffee machine will drip into the carafe during the brewing process. This removable lid is essential for a drip coffee maker.

The open lid has the added benefit of allowing the smell of freshly brewed coffee aromas to fill the room.

These delicious aromas are an essential element of coffee making don’t you agree?

Glass Carafes Available From Amazon

Browse Amazon products below and choose a carafe to suit your needs and lifestyle.

There are plenty of choices and price ranges to cater to everyone.

Buy a beautiful glass coffee carafe today.

Universal Replacement Glass Coffee Carafe

It is not the end of the world if your glass carafe gets damaged or broken.

There are plenty of replacement options available on Amazon. You will find a carafe to fit most brands of coffee machines as they are pretty generic in size and shape.

If you cannot find your specific brand, a universal carafe will do the trick I am sure.

Just be sure to buy the correct size.

Make sure the replacement carafe has the same capacity as the one you are replacing. You don’t want to buy one that is too big and does not fit into your coffee maker.

How Do You Keep Your Brew Hot?

If you are serving your coffee straight from your coffee brewing machine then your coffee will be kept hot during the brewing process. The drip coffee machine has a heating pad that the carafe sits on to keep the brew at the optimum temperature during and after brewing.

If you are using a different brewing method like a French Press, then it is best to only brew enough for what you need. One or two cups at the most for a single person.

These must be drunk in fairly quick succession in order for the second cup to still be hot or warm to enjoy the flavors of your original brew.

This is important as reheating coffee from cold tends to change the flavor. Reheating changes the chemistry of your already brewed cuppa.

It will encourage a more bitter flavor and you will lose the sweetness and richness of your original brew. You are essentially overbrewing your coffee.

The coffee is at its optimal flavor freshly brewed and should preferably not be stored longer than 20 minutes in the glass carafe.

How Do You Clean A Glass Coffee Server

Cleaning a glass carafe is pretty painless.

Most carafes and decanters are dishwasher safe and/or easily hand washed.

Coffee does tend to stain most things – even glass. Believe it or not, your carafe will start looking pretty grimy after a few uses without a rinse.

Coffee does contain natural oils which will stick to the glass and build up very quickly if not cleaned out regularly.

Every now and then it is advisable to get a soft scourer or bottle brush into the carafe and give it a good scrub. This should get rid of any stains or residue left behind from the brewing process.

After a good clean it will look as good as new again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a carafe of coffee?

A carafe of coffee is generally a glass container that has a handle into which coffee has been poured for serving purposes.

Are coffee carafes interchangeable?

Yes, coffee carafes can be interchangeable. Replacement coffee carafes will fit a lot of coffee makers of different brands. Just confirm the size you are purchasing is the same as the one you are replacing.

What do the numbers on the coffee carafe mean?

These numbers signify the number of cups of coffee the coffee maker will make and how much the carafe can hold. Each cup represents 5 oz. Therefore if the carafe is filled to number 4, you have brewed enough coffee to fill 4 5oz cups.

How do you keep a glass coffee carafe warm?

Your options are fairly limited if you want to keep a glass coffee carafe warm for an extended period of time. Most glass carafes for coffee can be kept warm on a warming plate that either is a feature of your electric coffee maker or else a plate on your stove set to a very low temperature.

How do you clean a coffee carafe?

You will need to give a coffee carafe a good clean on a fairly regular basis. The coffee oils build up eventually and the carafe will start to look brown from staining. Simply use some lemon juice in warm water and give it a good scrub or else use baking soda in the same way. Rinse well.