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How To Manually Grind Coffee Beans

Needing to know how to manually grind coffee beans? Get to grips with a manual coffee bean grinder. Find out which hand coffee grinder is the best one to suit your needs.

How To Manually Grind Coffee BeansThis traditional method can be a satisfying ritual harking back to our grandparents coffee making when we were kids. Always good memories!

Even though this type of bean grinder does require some manual effort – the satisfaction achieved by using this method can outweigh the work involved.

I think that when it comes to aesthetics, the hand grinder is way ahead of its electric counterparts. You can find some really nice traditional old-fashioned styles and designs in this range of kitchen appliances.

On the other hand, there are also the ultra-modern styles in stainless steel that would suit any contemporary kitchen and home too.

How To Manually Grind Coffee Beans – Find Your Little Gem

Within the hand coffee grinder styles, you will find both the blade and burr grinder types.

These are two very different methods and produce differing grind results. It comes down to personal preference as to which one you choose.

The added advantage of these grinders is that they are extremely easy to move around with. There is no electrical outlet required – just some beans and yourself.

Perfect for camping and travelling!

A Blade Grinder

The blade grinders give a coarser and more uneven ground coffee. If you do not like a very strong brew then this is fine for your brewing purposes.

As the name suggests, this grinder uses blades to chop and slice the coffee beans – very much like the attachment you would get on a food processor for reducing the size of nuts and spices.

This method creates a ground coffee that is somewhat rough in its consistency. There will be pieces of coffee bean of varying sizes within the finished product as well as a powder. This is fine if you do not like your coffee too strong.

As the grounds are larger – the brew will be weaker than one made with a much finer consistency.

A Burr Grinder

A burr grinder is much more efficient and produces a much finer, even grind that will allow for a much stronger brew.

All burr grinders consist of two burrs which are spinning abrasive surfaces between which the coffee grounds move. As the beans travel over the burrs, they tear the coffee beans into smaller and smaller fragments.

This process creates a fine powder, all in a uniform size.

The burr grinding method gives you much greater control over the end product than a blade grinder does.

As the grinds are smaller and finer, the strength of your brew will be much stronger as there is a bigger surface area from which to extract the coffee flavour from.

How To Use A Manual Hand Coffee Grinder

How To Use A Manual Hand Coffee Grinder

A handground or manual coffee bean grinder is turned by hand using a handle on the top or on the side of the grinder.

  • First of all, measure your beans out with a coffee scoop.
  • Place your preferred beans in the hopper.
  • Adjust the size of grind setting to your liking.
  • Rotate the handle until all the beans are ground.
  • The grounds will be collected in the bottom container.
  • Remove and brew!

Enjoy your coffee and feel the satisfaction of a job well done.

What could be easier?

As you can see it is a very simple process.

The added advantage is those delicious aromas emanating from freshly crushed coffee beans.


Now make it happen.

Choose How To Manually Grind Your Coffee Beans: Find Products On Amazon

We have chosen some hand grinders that have good, solid reviews and a high sales volume to get you started. Amazon has a large range of manual grinders available and each product has reviews and personal comments from people who have previously bought and used them. These comments will stand you in good stead when deciding on the best grinder for your needs.

I hope this article on manually grinding your coffee beans has given some insight into the options available to you.

Now you can start making your own grounds to your liking.