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Welcome to our blog on coffee – a place where lovers of this beverage may find some tips and answers to some questions asked.

You will find all sorts of articles here, all related to coffee in some way.

The usual product ranges showcasing the variety of coffee-making machines and accessories are to be found. But you can also read up on the various methods of brewing, the variety of coffees available on the market, which countries roast coffee, how coffee affects you, your pets, and your garden.

It is incredible how coffee affects our lives and our health, whether positively or negatively.

We will continue to grow our blog on all the topics mentioned above – and more.

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What Is Our Blog On Coffee All About?

Our Perks of Coffee blog is built to inform all you coffee lovers, coffee nerds, and coffee geeks what is going on in the coffee world.

Read about all the wonderful coffee makers now available for home brewing – they are not just for baristas anymore.

Learn about the diverse coffee-making techniques from all over the world, and general topics of interest you might find enlightening.

We want to include how coffee can be used – not just how to make a delicious cuppa – but how it can benefit the garden and your favorite flowers too, for example.

Coffee can be a wonderful health benefit, but some people may find it has some adverse effects. Find out in these pages how and why coffee affects people differently.

There is just so much to write about. Keep coming back to find out what our new blog posts are all about.

This coffee lover’s blog will cover all topics about this wonderful brew.

Coffee Facts

Coffee is THE single most popular beverage that people drink in the world today.

Just in the United States alone, more than 450 million cups of coffee are enjoyed daily. That is quite amazing.

The statistic for world consumption reaches 2.25 billion every day. Even more mind-blowing!

Going by the above figures it is not surprising that the wonderful world of coffee has touched all of us in everyday life.

The diversity of coffee flavors, coffee brewing methods, and the variety of ways you can buy coffee in supermarkets have exploded in recent years.