Reusable Coffee Stirrers

Choose Eco-Friendly Reusable Coffee Stirrers For Your Home

Reusable coffee stirrers are a very useful tool for coffee enthusiasts. Those lovely tall mugs of coffee are easy to stir with the right equipment.

Are you looking for a slightly more elegant and interesting method to stirring your coffee than the usual stubby spoons we all have sitting in our cutlery draw?

There are actually many variations of coffee stirrers out there and not only spoons. There are stirrer sticks, and straws to choose from – and all made in different materials too.

We will walk you through what is available.

There is so much more to choose from than those boring coffee shop disposable plastic or wood sticks.

You want something that is classy, reuseable, and makes your coffee-making experience a pleasure – not a chore.

The Definition Of A Stirrer: 

“A utensil with a long stem and usually a spoon end for mixing drinks.”

How Long Are Coffee Stirrers?

Decorative Coffee Stirrers

Coffee sticks are found in many lengths, materials, shapes, and forms. Generally, they are more versatile than the normal teaspoon, which is shorter in length compared to these taller and often elegant tools.

Why use short spoons and scald your fingertips when stirring your favorite tall mug full of coffee. I have done that, and am sure so have many of you.

Instead of trying to hold the very tip of the teaspoon while stirring to prevent scalding yourself – invest in a taller coffee stirrer.

Stirrer sticks all have one thing in common.

They are longer than a conventional spoon.

Teaspoon Length

The average length of a teaspoon is between 5.5 inches and 6.5 inches.

How Long Are Stirrers and Straws?

The general length of a coffee stirrer is between 7 and 8 inches.

This is a big difference from a normal teaspoon. The extra length allows you to stir tall mugs, and iced coffee glasses in comfort.

No scalded and sticky fingertips from foam. And you can reach the bottom of the cup or glass quite comfortably to mix sugar, cream, syrups, and rich creamer into your favorite brew without any fuss or bother.

These stirrers are multi-use too.

They can be used as ice cream spoons, ice teaspoons, and cocktail stirring spoons.

So, put those short, stubby teaspoons away and buy an elegant stirrer.

Buy Coffee Stirrer Sticks – Elegant and Functional Options

Buy coffee stirrer sticks and spoons that you can be proud of.

Get something you can enjoy using and impart pleasure into the art of making your favorite blend of coffee.

There are some perfect options for gifts to give your partners in coffee crime for special occasions.

The following Amazon products will enhance your coffee time experience. Make your coffee table look very posh with some high-quality decorative stirrers.

A lovely table setting makes any eating experience more enjoyable!

So go ahead and choose your ideal stirrers for coffee right now.

Versatile Reusable Coffee Stirrers

Reusable Coffee Stirrers

Get a coffee stirrer that can be used over and over again.

Today’s world is all about the planet and what we can do to preserve the beauty and pass a healthy planet on to the next generation.

Just by not throwing away a plastic or wooden stirrer after each cup of coffee you are already making a difference.

Even though a reusable spoon may be a bigger outlay initially, you will save the pennies and contribute positively to being eco-friendly in the long term.

Reusable Drink Stirrers Designs

Stirrers can be very functional in design. But if you are looking for something that will impress, there are lots of attractive spoons with decorative features that are just as efficient – but do not scrimp on functionality.

Bamboo and stainless steel stirrers are easy to clean and have the advantage of being reusable.

It is always best to avoid the harmful chemical, BPA. This undesirable compound leaches from plastic disposable spoons or sticks into your hot drinks.

So, try going for a stainless steel coffee stirrer or a crafted wooden option for both health and beauty reasons.

Stainless Steel Stirrers For Coffee

The advantage of stainless steel is that it does not affect the flavor of your drink – hot or cold. They are also extremely durable and corrosion-resistant, including dishwasher safe.

A metal coffee stirrer may be a little more expensive than its wooden and plastic counterparts. But when buying for the home they will be worth the little bit extra and be much more pleasurable to use.

These options come in very decorative and stylish options that will serve you well for many years.

Plastic Coffee Stirrers

There are plenty of plastic designs in a variety of colours available too.

Most of the stirrers for coffee used in coffee shops, takeaways and food stalls experiencing high volume traffic are disposable. This is pure convenience and cost-effective.

Plastic is commonplace everywhere. Another sector in which they are used a lot is in office and other work environments.

Drinks on the go are the most common use for a disposable stirrer for coffee.

Not the best option for being eco-friendly though. But if you do use them, dispose of them correctly.

Wooden Coffee Stirrers Are Another Option

Wooden Coffee Stirrer

Wood varieties are by far the most common stir stick around.

This common stick stirrer is very plain and flat as well as being lightweight and biodegradable – a big benefit in my book!

Wooden stirrer spoons tend to be a little more classy and are a more permanent feature than the sticks.

Sticks are sold in packs of hundreds solely for the purpose of being disposed of immediately after use.

The benefit of wood is that they do break down and are far less pollutant than the plastic variety.

The wooden stirrers also do not leach bad things into your hot drinks. So all-around it is a versatile and cheap option.

They are cost-effective when needing bulk quantities for a function or regular daily requirements – and much more environmentally friendly than plastic.

Coffee Stirrer Straws

Coffee Stirrer Straw

These are wonderful as they are a 2-in-1 mixer and drinker.

The mixer straw is hollow just like a normal straw. And you use it like you would a normal straw.

Why Do Coffee Stirrers Have Holes?

Some straws have a “paddle” on the bottom that looks like a tea strainer with small holes.

These holes also limit the amount of hot liquid that enters your mouth when you sip hot beverages, preventing scalding. The holes chill down your hot beverage before it comes into contact with your tongue as they create a greater surface area to release its heat.

Another advantage is being able to stir and drink your tall cocktails and beverages through it, you can filter any unwanted sediment out too! These are made specifically to filter any unwanted particles that may be in your beverage. Use them to filter out sediments such as:

  • coffee grounds in your coffee
  • pith and pips in infused fruit cocktails and freshly squeezed fruit juice
  • loose tea leaves that may be in your tea

The advantage of coffee stirrer straws is the added benefit of being able to use them in hot and cold drinks.

This could be a very useful stirrer for coffee drinkers who are fussy about coffee grounds staying where they should be – in the cup!

And there are some very fancy versions available.


Are Coffee Stirrers Recyclable?

There is a difference between something being recyclable rather than biodegradable and compostable.

Biodegradable and compostable means that the item in question will break down naturally and be of benefit to the soil eventually. There will be no evidence of what it was originally, it will have gone back to the earth without any harmful effects to the planet.

Recyclable on the other hand means that the item can be used again in its original form, or it is possible to break it down and re-use the materials or components in a new product.

So be aware of what you are buying and for what purpose. Drink stirrers, although small, are just as pollutable to the planet as plastic bags in the huge quantities that are used daily all around the world.

Use wood, not plastic if using disposable stirrers while on the go – they are at least biodegradable if not recyclable.

Coffee Stirrers Dispenser

For those who require large amounts of stirrers for an event or daily use, a dispenser is an answer for keeping order and dispensing efficiently.

These make it easy and simple to take the sticks neatly without creating a mess.

The majority of dispensers cater for the whole tea and/or coffee process with space for:

  • sugar and milk sachets
  • stirrer stick or straw compartment
  • serviettes compartment
  • disposable cup dispenser

These are the perfect coffee organizer for everything you need. Most of these organizers are compact and easy to manage.

So what are you waiting for?

Buy your stirrers and coffee organizers today.

And don’t forget to recycle!

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